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Be like the flowing river,
Silent in the night.
Be not afraid of the dark.
If there are stars in the skys, reflect them back.
If there are clouds in the sky,
Remember, clouds, like the river, are water,
So, gladly reflect them too,
In your own tranquil depths.

-Manuel Bandeira-


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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

1st & 2nd Presentation: Done

It seems like a very big relieved after 2 presentations in a week. I get started as earlier as I can so that I can be well prepared. Well, my supervisor is very concern about the presentation, so in last week group meeting he decided to give me an opportunity to talk in front of four others member group (Mohammad, Peiling, Nicole and Ying) and give me some comments about my slide and so on. That's a great idea, I know but at the same time I got very nervous actually not because to speak in front of other people (kat Msia pun same je) but the topic is not familiar to me. It's about a desorption technique in Mass-Spec and this is my first time to know DESI-MS (Desorption Electrospray Ionization).

The pesentation has been done on Monday and as usual, kene tegur skit2 tu biase la. Banyak komen membina yg i dpt. Yg plg xtahan skali kene tukar template because i guna template UMT. hahaha... Hugh said, 'well alyza, i know u're from Universiti Msia..(die xpndai nak sebut Terengganu), but u should also be proud as a Queen's student'.. hehe.. ngn selambe nye i pun jawab la, 'i'm sorry, i don't have any Queen's templates'.. Mohammad lak angkat tangan, u can get it from me if u want. hehe.. sah, confirm kene tukar templates.. well, it's not my intention to use UMT's template. I don't have any idea how to create a white background slide and play with the colors to look nice but still formal. I love to have a colorful backgound macam budak2 tadika in my slide. So, i try to ask Kak Erin either is it compulsory to used a white background and she said its much better to used white sbb nmpk formal. So, ape lg, i gune je la template UMT, dah itu je yg ade. hehe..

The real presentation in front of 30 students on Wednesday was went well. Xbanyak soalan yg ditanya maybe because of I'm the last person out of four, and realized that they all hungry, I just try to make the presentation look simple. it tooks about 20minutes and 1 question from Prof Richard Oleschuk about the ionization mode. Then, done...

Seronok2... n ari khamis tu i decide to go to the mall (Cataraqui Centre) jalan2 makan angin sambil shopping baju n beli coat for coming spring. Xsesuai la pulak nak pkai baju bubble dah, suhu dah x extreme sgt. dah nyaman sekarang. Snow dah mula cair n Lake Ontario pun dah biru. Baru nmpk dunia, sebenarnye Kingston ni cantik.

Ari Sabtu kami ade perjumpaan ngn Puan Zalilah from MSD and ari Ahad kami plan nak masak for Kak Ila n Azri, ade tetamu nak bertandang ke rumah. Mggu depan lak ade seminar WHMIS (Safety), siap ade online kuiz lg. Kalo xlulus xdpt sijil. WHMIS ni one of the phD requirement, so kene wat elok2. Harap2 sumenye berjalan lancar.

Thats all for now. Cau..


Hanis MY said...

wah..tahniah2..i nyer turn plak 20hb ni cm nak tercabut jantung u..akut2 wawawa..hmm sirius takleh figure out gak mr bee i cuma gahu d hati cik sabeq ada sorang tu jaaa..hehe

alice in wonderland said...

rileks je kak hanis. present mcm biase je, anggap diorg pun mcm kite gak. hehe.. nak sedap kan hati.

mgkin mr bee tu yg sorg tu, yg ade kat ht cik sabeq skrg. ty la sa ade kene gigit tebuan x raye aritu? hehehheheheh

eilawaniey said...

wah, bagus la u dear, u kan mmg bagus bab2 present nih. I takde mood nk blogging skrg ni, very da busy (konon) heheh

alice in wonderland said...

banyak la u bgs present.. nak tercabut jantung. bz2 gak.. jg kesihatan ye!

farhanini said...

kak alice sgt patriotik sebab guna template umt.nini kt ukm tu pn dh xigt nk guna dh template umt.syabas.hehe.

alice in wonderland said...

hahhaaa... sj nak bangga ngan umt kat canada ni. huhu.. welcome back to UMT, keep in touch k..

sabiqahAnuar said...


tHe waY ! am said...

UMt tonggak negara terchenta...

UMT cita warisan....( tu ja ingat) hehehe

takotnye tgk org present2 ni...seriaus dah rase..uwaaa


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