Like the Flowing River

Be like the flowing river,
Silent in the night.
Be not afraid of the dark.
If there are stars in the skys, reflect them back.
If there are clouds in the sky,
Remember, clouds, like the river, are water,
So, gladly reflect them too,
In your own tranquil depths.

-Manuel Bandeira-


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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Things to do:

1. A new plan for synthesis:

It tooks me about one and half month just to think about a new route for the synthesis of ----. I need to change the procedure for 3 times before it does begin. The first one is to used t-BuLi to substitute Br- group at C4 benzene ring. T-BuLi is very dangerous since it can blow out in a second because of limited handling efficiency and nak dijadikan cite, a grad student from California died because of that. So, Hugh decides not to take any risk and asked me to think a new route to replace t-BuLi. Gosh… The second plan was to used Grignard Reagent, pun xjadi due to my target compound is C12 (long chain) and low yield percentage. Finally, I try to proposed sonagashira rxn that involved aryl bromides and alkynes terminated by alcohol group. Seems like it can be done, so kene la list down ape chemicals nak pakai n order it.
2. NMR training:
I should go to NMR training since I’ll used it in short time to for my starting material. It should be today, and xde sebab yg kukuh I g batalkan training tu. Bodo giler.

3. Report Mass-Spec:

Due date for this report is Feb 28th tp skrg baru siap 1 muka surat. Xtau la apesal slow sgt.
4. Problem Set Mass-Spec:

Problem set is another assignment carried 30% of the total score. It has 9 killer questions and nmpk gayenye baru ade 1 soalan yg leh dijawab. Damn... I really need someone’s help. Sape yg power rangers dlm Mass spec, tlg la hulurkan pertolongan.

5. Present meeting group:

It’s probably on March 23rd. Hugh asked me to give a talk about my research and share with other group members especially about the synthesis. Adei… x nmpk bayang lg nih!

6. Presentation for scientific Communication:

It’s on March 27th, 4 days after meeting group. Campur ni 4 presentation dah within 3 months. Giler btl.. Tu la, dah ni jalan yg dipilih, ikut je la.. (Ayat mek sarah).

7. Submit Seminar Critiques and abstract:

This is for Scientific communication course where we need to give some critiques about the seminar department in terms of their slides, skills and so on. Masalahnye, yg bg presrentation tu sume prof2 yg mmg dah expert. Slide pun cantik2. so the comment is: Very good presentation. Tp xkan same je utk sume??

8. Conference??

There will be a Conference on Surface Chemistry (end of May) and will be held in MCMaster University, Hamilton. Hurrreeeeeyyy.. This is my first conference.


sabiqahAnuar said...

huhuhu bestnye cnference...

erms, heheh tu laa-welcome to 'our world' hahhaa..azab...kejap je, insyaAllah =)

alice in wonderland said...

hhaha.. 4tahun je mengazabkan diri. sabar jela..

Hanis MY said...

wahhh..besh2 dah lei g conference..

tHe waY ! am said...

heheh dok relax jd felo busang..dah jd phd stdn kekabutan! heheh memacam

neway no pain no gain

tHe waY ! am said...

uish mcm takot ja tgk...ilmiah banget sey..hehehe

alice in wonderland said...

heheh.. best la nak g conference kak hanis coz x present.just attend, amik pnglman. kalo kene present berdarah hidung la. ehehh

kak syara, dok relax jd felo busang, tp best. gossiping and leh g sri wangsa mkn bubur jagung. huhu

sabiqahAnuar said...

sokong- esp bab bubur jagung feveret ak tu, heheh arap2 balik nt ade laa lagi sri wngsamaju tu, bia maju sokmo, lei ak make bubur jagung ctu- ngn teh o beng limau, gossip2 ngn mg- sese luah perasaan, muhasabah diri, tazkirah etc...hahhahaha


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